What Are Hummingbird Predators?

There are many predators of hummingbirds. Some of the most common predators include snakes, lizards, frogs, cats, praying mantis, hawks, and owls. These animals will typically prey on hummingbirds that are either sick or weak.

However, there have been instances where healthy hummingbirds have also fallen victim to these predators.

Predators of hummingbirds are typically small birds or mammals. The most common predators are other birds, such as hawks, owls, and crows. These predators will typically eat the hummingbird whole.

Other predators include snakes, lizards, and bats. All of these animals are relatively small and can fit the hummingbird into their mouth.

Mantis from family Sphondromantis

What is a Hummingbird’s Worst Enemy?

A hummingbird’s worst enemy is typically a larger bird, such as a hawk or an owl. These predators will attack a hummingbird in order to eat it.

A hummingbird can also be killed by flying into a window or being caught in a spider’s web.

What is the Number One Killer of Hummingbirds?

The leading cause of hummingbird deaths in collisions, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. These tiny birds fly at high speeds and are constantly in motion, making them susceptible to running into windows, vehicles, and other objects.

Hummingbirds also face many predators, including cats, snakes, spiders, and rats. However, the biggest threat to these birds is habitat loss.

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As more land is developed for housing and agriculture, there is less space for natural habitats like forests and meadows where hummingbirds live and nest.

What Predators Prey on Hummingbirds?

Most predators that prey on hummingbirds are much larger than the hummingbird itself. These include animals such as snakes, lizards, frogs, and even some birds of prey.

While smaller predators such as wasps and ants may take advantage of a hummingbird if it is already weak or injured, these insects are not typically able to kill a healthy hummingbird.

One of the most common predators of hummingbirds is the snake. Snakes will often lie in wait near areas where hummingbirds are known to feed, such as flower beds or bird feeders.

When a Hummingbird comes close enough, the snake will strike, injecting venom that quickly kills its victim.

Lizards such as iguanas and chameleons will also sometimes eat Hummingbirds. These reptiles are not fast enough to catch a healthy bird but will opportunistically snatch one up if it is already injured or otherwise unable to escape. Frogs may also eat Hummingbirds on occasion.

While amphibians are not typically thought of as being very dangerous, some species of frog have toxic skin secretions that can kill small animals like Hummingbirds if they come into contact with them.

In addition, many frogs have long tongues that they can use to snag insects out of the air; a Hummingbird flying too close to a frog’s mouth could easily become lunch! Finally, there are several species of birds of prey that will hunt and kill Hummingbirds.

The most common of these in North America is probably the Cooper’s Hawk; other examples include the Sharp-shinned Hawk and the American Kestrel Falcon.

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Birds of prey generally capture their avian victims by swooping down on them from above; given the small size of most Hummingbirds, it does not take much force to kill them outright.

Do Blue Jays Kill Hummingbirds?

Yes, blue jays will kill and eat hummingbirds. They are known to be particularly aggressive towards these small birds, and will often chase them away from feeders.

While blue jays typically eat insects and other small animals, they are not above preying on hummingbirds.

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Hummingbird Predators Praying Mantis

One of the most common predators of hummingbirds is the praying mantis. These insects are skilled hunters, and can typically take down a hummingbird with one quick strike.

Praying mantises are found in many habitats all around the world, making them a potential threat to hummingbirds in nearly any location.

While most praying mantises only grow to be a few inches long, they can pose a significant threat to hummingbirds due to their powerful hunting abilities.


There are a few predators of hummingbirds, although most of them avoid confrontation if they can help it. Hawks, owls, and snakes will eat hummingbirds if given the chance, but usually, only go after the young or sickly birds. Even these predators typically won’t kill a healthy hummingbird unless they’re starving.

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