We are a wise and entertaining blog where bird lovers and pet lovers can find everything they need to keep their birds and pets happy and healthy, such as how to give your bird a bath or how to dress your mud feet.

MyBirdGarden is more than just one amazing website with lots of useful articles, it’s also your community where you’re constantly updated, trends are discussed, and many friendships were made.

In 2015 my family got two new Lovebirds after losing our previous Parrotlet when we moved into our new house. I wanted to find all the things that I needed to take care of them right away but, because of my school schedule, I didn’t have enough time for each task on my list. That’s when I decided to share what I’ve learned with My Bird Garden.

After spending some time with friends and families who once had their own pets, I realized there was no clear place online where people could find up-to-date articles from experts in one place like mine was able to do.

In 2016, MyBirdGarden was launched as a blog dedicated to bird lovers and pet lovers across the globe with informative content for all kinds of pets & animals.