How Fast Does a Pelican Hit the Water?

Pelicans are some of the most interesting birds around. They have long beaks and can often be seen near water. But how fast do they hit the water?

Pelicans typically eat fish, so they spend a lot of time near water. Their long beaks help them to scoop up fish from the water. They also have large webbed feet that help them to paddle through the water.

Pelicans can fly at speeds of up to 30 mph (48.28 km/h). When they see a fish, they will dive and hit the water with their beaks. The impact can stun or kill the fish. Pelicans will then swallow the fish whole.

Pelicans are some of the fastest birds in the world, and they can hit the water at speeds up to 60 mph (96.56 km/h). When they’re hunting for fish, they’ll dive from great heights and enter the water with such force that it can stun their prey.

While pelicans are impressive hunters, they’re also gentle giants and are known to be one of the most friendly bird species.

American White Pelican

Pelican Catching Fish Underwater?

Pelican Catching Fish Underwater, A pelican will typically dive from a height of 10 to 20 feet in order to catch a fish. It is amazing to watch these big birds swoop down and pluck a fish right out of the water!

Pelicans have large beaks that are specially adapted for catching fish. The bottom half of their beak is curved and has a small notch at the end. This helps the pelican scoop up water (and any fish that may be swimming in it) as they plunge into the depths.

Pelicans are also equipped with specialized throat pouches that allow them to store their prey until they reach the surface again. These pouches can hold up to 3 gallons (11.36 l) of water – that’s a lot of fish!

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If you’re ever lucky enough to see a pelican catching fish underwater, it’s sure to be an impressive sight!

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