How Many Eggs Does a Quail Lay a Day?

Quail are a type of bird that is known for laying eggs. They are small and can be found in many parts of the world.

Quail typically lay between 10-12 eggs per clutch and will have 1-2 clutches per year. This means that a quail can lay anywhere from 10-24 eggs in a day!

There’s no definitive answer to this question since quail can vary greatly in terms of their egg-laying capabilities. However, on average, a quail will lay between 1 and 2 eggs per day.

So, if you’re thinking about starting a quail farm, you can expect each bird to produce around 24 eggs per week.

Eggs In Quail Nest

How Many Eggs Can 1 Quail Lay in a Day?

One quail can lay up to 1 egg in a day. However, the average is about 2-4.

Can Quail Lay Eggs Without a Male?

No, quail cannot lay eggs without a male present. The female quail needs the male to fertilize the eggs in order for them to be viable.

If there is no male present, the female will not lay any eggs.

How Old Do Quails Lay Eggs?

Quails lay eggs from the time they are about 6 months old until they are about 2 years old.

The average quail lays between 200 and 300 eggs per year, with a peak laying period of around springtime.

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How Many Times Do You Turn Quail Eggs?

When incubating quail eggs, you should turn them a minimum of three times a day. It is best to turn them more frequently, about six to eight times a day.

The reason you need to turn quail eggs is so that the embryo inside can develop properly.

If the egg is not turned, the embryo will stick to one side of the egg and it will not develop properly.

How many eggs does a quail lay?

How Many Eggs Do Quail Lay at a Time

There are many factors that can affect how many eggs a quail will lay in a single day or over the course of her lifetime.

The breed of quail, the age of the bird, the health of the bird, and even the weather can all play a role in how many eggs a quail will lay.

On average, most quail will lay between 10 and 12 eggs per week.

However, some quail may lay as few as 6 eggs per week while others may lay up to 18 eggs per week. It is not uncommon for a healthy adult quail to lays 2-3 times her body weight in eggs over the course of her lifetime!

The world record for egg production by a single quail was set by an Australian bird who laid an incredible 765 eggs in one year!


Quails are small, chicken-like birds. Though they are not as popular as chickens, they Lay a lot of eggs. In fact, a quail can lay up to 12 eggs a day!

That’s a lot of eggs. Quails are also good for meat production. So, if you’re looking for an alternative to chicken, quail might be the way to go.

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