How Long Do Button Quail Live?

In the wild, button quail typically live between three and five years. However, with proper care, button quail kept as pets can live up to eight or nine years old.

The key to a long and healthy life for your button quail is providing them with a clean and safe environment, plenty of exercises, and a nutritious diet.

Button quail is a small, delicate bird that many people enjoy keeping as a pet. They are known for their playful and friendly personality, and they make a great addition to any home. But how long do these little birds typically live?

The average lifespan of a button quail is about 3-5 years, although some may live up to 10 years with proper care.

These birds are relatively easy to care for, but there are still some things you can do to help your button quail live a long and healthy life.

One of the most important things you can do is provide them with a clean and spacious enclosure.

Button quail need plenty of room to move around and exercise, so make sure their cage is large enough for them to flit about freely.

You should also include plenty of toys and perches in their cage, so they can stay active and entertained. A nutritious diet is also essential for keeping your button quail healthy.

Make sure they have access to fresh water at all times and offer them a variety of foods such as seeds, fruits, vegetables, and insects.

A good quality commercial diet designed specifically for button quail is also recommended. Regular vet checkups are also important for maintaining your button quail’s health.

Be sure to take them in for an annual physical examination, so any potential health problems can be detected early on. With proper care and attention, your button quail can enjoy many happy years by your side!

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 The Chinese Painted Quail 

How Long Do Quails Live As Pets?

Quails make great pets and can live for up to 10 years with proper care. They are relatively low maintenance, but there are a few things you need to do to keep your quail healthy and happy.

Here are some tips on how to care for your pet quail:

Provide a spacious cage or enclosure. Quails need plenty of space to move around and exercise. A minimum size cage for two quails is about 2ft x 2ft x 2ft, but the bigger the better.

If you have the room, consider adding a larger enclosure or aviary for your quails to enjoy. Fill the cage with fresh food and water daily. Quails eat a variety of foods, including seeds, greens, insects, and even fruits and vegetables.

You can purchase special quail feed from your local pet store, or create your own mix of seeds and other foods.

Be sure to provide fresh water daily; a small water bottle with a sipper tube works well for this purpose. You may also want to add some grit or sand to the cage, so your quails can digest their food properly.

Provide hiding places and toys. Quails like to hide away in dark corners or under objects. Provide them with plenty of hiding spots by adding cardboard boxes or overturned flower pots to their cage.

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Are Button Quails Good Pets?

Button quails are becoming increasingly popular as pets, and it’s easy to see why! These little birds are incredibly cute, and they’re very easy to care for.

Button quails are also known as Chinese blue-breasted quail, painted quail, king quail, or silver-eared.

Button quails are native to China and Southeast Asia. They were first introduced into the United States in the early 1800s. Button quails are usually about 6 inches long and weigh less than 4 ounces.

The males and females look similar, but the males have a brighter plumage with more distinct markings. Button quails are relatively low-maintenance pets.

They can be kept in either cages or aviaries, although larger aviaries will allow them more space to move around and explore.

In terms of diet, button quails eat a variety of seeds, insects, and greens. You can purchase commercial food mixes specifically designed for button quails at most pet stores.

Button quails are social creatures and do best when kept in pairs or small groups. They’re generally calm birds that get along well with other animals (including cats and dogs).

However, like all animals, button quails can sometimes bite if they feel threatened or scared – so it’s important to handle them carefully and avoid sudden movements around them.

If you’re looking for a charming little pet that’s easy to take care of, button quails might be perfect for you!

Yellow-legged Buttonquail

Do Button Quail Lay Eggs every day?

Button quail are very small birds, and as such, they have a correspondingly small appetite.

They will lay an egg almost every day, provided there is enough food available.

The female will generally stop laying eggs when the nest is full, or if she feels that conditions are not favorable for raising young.

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Can Button Quails Live Outside?

Yes, button quails can live outside, but they need to have a well-insulated, predator-proof enclosure. They also need access to food and water.

Button quails are native to Asia and Africa, and they do not do well in cold climates.

Button Quail Life Cycle | From Egg to Adult Button Quail

Can Button Quail Live Outside?

Button quail are a species of bird that is native to Africa and Asia. They are small birds, measuring only about 4 inches in length.

Button quail get their name from the fact that they have a button-like protrusion on the top of their heads. These birds are known for being very shy and retiring, and they generally live in pairs or small groups.

While button quail can technically survive outside, it is not recommended to keep them as outdoor pets. Button quail do not do well in cold weather and need a warm, humid environment to thrive.

They also require a diet of insects and other invertebrates, which can be difficult to provide if they are living outdoors.

If you live in an area with warm weather and plenty of insects, then keeping button quail as outdoor pets may be possible.

However, it is important to note that these birds are still quite delicate and require proper care and attention to ensure their survival.


Button quail are small, sparrow-sized birds that are found in warm climates. They get their name from the round, button-like spots on their backs.

Button quail typically live for 3-5 years in the wild, but can live up to 10 years if cared for properly.

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