Why Is A Woodpecker Pecking My House?

One of the most common questions we receive at our wildlife rehabilitation center is, “Why is a woodpecker pecking my house?” There are several reasons why a woodpecker might be attracted to your home, and unfortunately, once they start, they can be difficult to deter.

Woodpeckers are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, so it is important to understand why they are drawn to your property and what non-lethal options are available to discourage them before taking any action.

If you’ve ever had a woodpecker peck your house, you know how annoying it can be. But why do they do it? There are a few reasons why woodpeckers might peck your house.

One is that they’re looking for food. Woodpeckers eat insects, and they often find them in trees. But if there aren’t any trees nearby, your house might be the next best thing.

Another reason is that woodpeckers are territorial. They use their beaks to mark their territory by making holes in trees. Your house might just be an easy target for them to show other woodpeckers whose boss.

Finally, some experts believe that woodpeckers peck houses because they’re attracted to the sound of metal against metal.

So if your house has aluminum siding or gutters, that could be part of the problem. Whatever the reason, it’s important to take steps to protect your home from damage.

You can do this by covering up any exposed areas with chicken wire or hardware cloth.

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What Does It Mean When Woodpeckers Pecking at Your House?

When woodpeckers peck at your house, they are usually looking for food. Woodpeckers eat insects, so if you have a lot of them around your home, the woodpecker may be after them. If the woodpecker is just pecking at your house and not actually going into it, there’s no need to worry.

However, if the woodpecker is making holes in your siding or shingles, you may want to take action to deter it. One way to do this is to put up a birdhouse or nesting box for the woodpecker to use instead of your house.

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You can also try hanging shiny objects (such as CDs) from a string around your home, as the reflective surface may deter the woodpecker.

Lastly, if you have an infestation of insects that you think is attracting the woodpecker, you’ll need to get rid of those before getting rid of the bird will do any good.

How Do You Get a Woodpecker to Stop Pecking at Your House?

If you have a woodpecker that’s been pecking at your house, there are a few things you can do to try to get it to stop. One is to put up a physical barrier, like chicken wire, around the area where the bird has been pecking. Another is to try using a visual deterrent, like hanging shiny objects or streamers in the area.

You can also try using an auditory deterrent, like playing recordings of predator calls or loud noises. Finally, you can try spraying the area with a taste deterrent, like hot sauce or chili oil. If you use multiple deterrence methods at once, you’ll increase your chances of getting the woodpecker to stop pecking at your house.

What Time of Day Do Woodpeckers Peck?

Woodpeckers typically do most of their pecking during the day. This is when they are most active and when they are able to find food. However, they may also peck at night if there is a light source that they can see.

Woodpecker Is Pecking My House!

How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers Pecking Your House?

Woodpeckers are a common problem for many homeowners. The birds can cause extensive damage to homes, especially if they decide to peck at siding or windows. If you have a woodpecker problem, there are some things you can do to get rid of the birds and keep them from coming back.

First, try to figure out what is attracting the woodpeckers to your home in the first place. The birds are usually attracted to homes with insects or other pests that they can eat. If you have an insect issue, address it with pest control measures.

You may also want to trim back any trees or shrubs that are close to your home, as these can provide perches for the woodpeckers.

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If the woodpeckers are already pecking at your home, there are a few things you can do to discourage them. One option is to cover up the areas that they’re pecking with chicken wire or hardware cloth.

This will make it more difficult for the birds to access those areas and should discourage them from returning. Another possibility is to use ultrasonic devices that emit high-frequency sounds; these can be effective at keeping woodpeckers away, but may also disturb your own peace and quiet!


Woodpeckers are attracted to shiny, metallic objects, and they think your house is one big shiny object. They also like the sounds their beaks make when they tap on things, so your house makes a great drum for them to practice on.

Unfortunately, this can cause some serious damage to your home if they keep it up.

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