Which Is Bigger a Falcon Or a Hawk?

There are many different types of birds of prey, but which is bigger- a falcon or a hawk? Falcons tend to be smaller than hawks, but there are some exceptions. The biggest difference between the two is in their hunting style.

Falcons are fast and agile, able to take down small prey with ease. Hawks are slower and have more powerful talons, designed for taking down larger prey.

There are many different types of hawks and falcons, so it really depends on which specific bird you are talking about.

In general, however, falcons tend to be larger than hawks. Falcons also have longer wings and tails, and they tend to be more streamlined overall.

Hawks, on the other hand, usually have shorter wings and tails. So if you are wondering which bird is bigger in general, the answer is usually going to be a falcon.

A Red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)

Is Falcon Bigger Than Hawk?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as there is considerable variation in the size of different species of falcon and hawk.

However, on average, hawks tend to be larger than falcons, with some exceptions.

For example, the largest member of the hawk family, the great gray owl, is smaller than some species of falcon such as the gyrfalcon.

In general, though, hawks are heavier and have longer wingspans than falcons.

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How Can You Tell the Difference between a Hawk And a Falcon?

There are many ways to tell the difference between a hawk and a falcon, but here are some of the most common:

  • Hawks tend to be larger than falcons
  • Falcons have long, tapered wings, while hawks have shorter, more rounded wings
  • Falcons typically have pointed tails, while hawks usually have square or rounded tails

Which is Stronger Hawk Or Falcon?

There are many types of hawks and falcons, so it is difficult to say which one is stronger.

However, in general, hawks are larger birds with longer wingspans than falcons. Falcons also have sharper talons than hawks.

So while a hawk may be able to lift more weight, a falcon can deliver a more powerful strike.

Is a Hawk Bigger Than a Peregrine Falcon?

There are many types of hawks and peregrine falcons. Hawks can range in size from the tiny sharp-shinned hawk which measures around 9-10 inches in length to the much larger ferruginous hawk which can reach up to 26 inches (66.04 cm).

Peregrine falcons also come in a variety of sizes, with the largest being the Gyrfalcon at around 28 inches (0.71 meters) long.

So, when it comes to size, it really depends on the specific type of hawk and peregrine falcon you are comparing.

Generally speaking, though, most hawks are going to be larger than most peregrine falcons.

Falcon vs Hawk: The 8 Main Differences Explained

Is a Falcon a Hawk?

No, a falcon is not a hawk. Hawks are members of the Accipitridae family, which also includes eagles and kites.

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Falcons are members of the Falconidae family, which also includes caracaras and forest falcons.


The blog post goes into detail about the size difference between a falcon and a hawk. Falcons are typically larger than hawks, with longer wings and tails.

This makes them better suited for flying at high speeds and diving on their prey.

Hawks, on the other hand, are smaller and have shorter wings. This gives them more maneuverability in the air, allowing them to make sharp turns and catch smaller prey.

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