What to Put in a Budgie Nesting Box?

When it comes time for your budgie to lay eggs, you will need to provide her with a nesting box. You can purchase a nesting box at your local pet store, or make one yourself.

The important thing is that the nesting box is the right size for your budgie and that it has the correct materials inside.

As a pet owner, you may be wondering what to put in a budgie nesting box. The answer is simple: not much! A budgie nesting box should be filled with soft, natural materials such as shredded paper or cotton wool.

You can also add some twigs or leaves for your budgie to build its nest. Avoid using synthetic materials such as plastic, as these can be harmful to your budgie.

Mother budgie with 3 weeks old budgies

Do You Need to Put Anything in a Budgie Nesting Box?

No, you don’t need to put anything in a budgie nesting box. However, some people like to put a small amount of hay or straw in the bottom of the box to help keep the eggs warm and dry.

What Do Budgies Like in Their Nesting Box?

Budgies are naturally very tidy birds and will usually make sure their nesting area is clean and well organized. A typical budgie nest box will have a few different compartments, each with a different purpose.

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The main compartment is where the female will lay her eggs and incubate them. She will also spend time here preening herself and her chicks once they hatch.

There will also be a smaller compartment that the male budgie will use to perch on when he’s not in the main nest area. This helps him keep an eye on his mate and chicks, as well as gives him somewhere to rest.

The final part of a budgie nest box is the entrance hole. This needs to be big enough for the adults to easily get in and out, but small enough that predators can’t reach inside.

Budgies like to line their nests with soft materials such as feathers or shredded paper, which helps keep their eggs warm and comfortable.

If you’re thinking of setting up a nesting box for your budgies, make sure you provide them with plenty of soft material to line it with. They’ll also appreciate some extra perches, so they can rest while they’re incubating their eggs or caring for their young chicks.

What to Give Budgies to Make a Nest?

As your budgie begins to mate, you’ll notice that he or she will start to spend more time in the nesting area of the cage. Your budgie will also start collecting pieces of paper, cloth, and other soft materials to use in building a nest.

You can help your budgie by providing some soft, clean material for him or her to use.

Tear up a few strips of newspaper or tissue paper and place them in the nesting area. You can also give your budgie a shredded paper towel or facial tissue. Just be sure that any material you give is free of dyes and chemicals.

Your budgie may also appreciate a few small twigs or bits of dried grass for nesting material. You can find these items outdoors, or you can purchase them at a pet store.

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Just be sure that they haven’t been treated with any pesticides or other chemicals.

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What Should I Put in My Parakeet Nesting Box?

When it comes time to nest, your parakeet will need a few key items in her nesting box. First, she’ll need some soft material for lining the nest. This can be anything from shredded paper to cotton balls.

You should avoid using anything with sharp edges or that could absorb too much moisture, like sawdust.

Next, she’ll need some nesting material to help build her nest. This can be anything from pieces of yarn or string to strips of cloth.

Again, avoid anything with sharp edges or that could absorb too much moisture. Finally, she’ll need something to keep her eggs warm once they’re laid. This is usually a piece of cloth or another soft material that can be wrapped around the eggs.

Once everything is in place, your parakeet should have no trouble building her nest and keeping her eggs warm and safe until they hatch!

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Homemade Nesting Boxes for Budgies

As the weather gets colder, many birds begin to look for a warm place to nest. Budgies are no different! You can help your feathered friends by creating a homemade nesting box for them to use.

Here’s what you’ll need: –

  • A piece of wood that is at least 12 inches (30.48 centimeters) square and 6 inches (15.24 centimeters) deep
  • A drill
  • A jigsaw Sandpaper Paint or a sealant (optional)

First, use the drill to make two holes in the piece of wood. These should be about 1 inch (2.54 centimeters) in diameter and evenly spaced apart.

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Next, use the jigsaw to cut out an opening in the front of the box. This should be big enough for your budgie to easily get in and out of.

Once you’ve cut out the opening, sand down any rough edges, and then paint or seal the box if you’d like. Place the nesting box in a warm, sheltered spot in your home and wait for your budgie to move in!


A nesting box is a great way to give your budgie a place to lay her eggs. The nesting box should be placed in the budgie’s cage, and it should be filled with soft materials such as shredded paper or cotton.

You will also need to provide your budgie with a small cup of water for bathing.


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