What Does Osprey Eat?

Osprey is one of the most widely distributed birds in the world. Their diet consists mainly of fish, but they will also eat reptiles, rodents, and even birds. Ospreys typically hunt by perching on a high point and scanning the water for prey.

When they see their target, they dive and snatch it up with their talons.

Osprey is a large raptor that can be found near water sources throughout the world. They primarily eat fish, but will also consume small mammals, reptiles, and birds.

When hunting for fish, osprey uses their sharp talons to grasp their prey before swooping down and plucking it from the water.

They will then carry their catch back to a perch, where they can eat in peace. Osprey has been known to eat up to four pounds of fish per day!

While they typically stick to smaller prey items, ospreys have been known to take down deer and other large animals when the opportunity arises.

No matter what they’re eating, though, you can bet that an osprey always has a feast fit for a king (or queen).

Osprey with breakfast

What Does Osprey Eat Other Than Fish?

Ospreys are one of the most widespread birds of prey, found on every continent except Antarctica. These raptors are known for their aerial hunting prowess, using their sharp eyesight and powerful talons to snag fish from lakes, rivers, and oceans.

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But ospreys aren’t exclusively pescatarian — these skilled hunters will also take down small mammals, reptiles, and even birds.

One of osprey’s favorite non-fish meals is the humble vole. Voles are small rodents that live in meadows and fields, making them easy pickings for a hungry osprey.

In fact, studies have shown that up to 70% of an osprey’s diet in some areas may be composed of voles.

While fish make up the majority of an osprey’s diet (up to 99% in some populations), these versatile predators will also hunt for other prey items when necessary.

Small mammals like voles, rabbits, and squirrels are all potential targets, as well as reptiles like snakes and turtles.

Ospreys have even been known to kill and eat other birds — ducklings and gull chicks are sometimes on the menu.

So next time you see an osprey swooping down to snatch a fish out of the water, remember that this bird is just as adept at taking down land-dwelling prey.

Whether it’s a vole or a trout, an osprey will gladly feast on whatever it can catch!

How Does the Osprey Get Its Food?

Ospreys are a type of hawk that is known for their ability to dive into the water and catch fish.

The osprey has a sharp beak and talons that help it to grip onto its prey. The osprey will typically eat two to three fish per day.

Does Osprey Eat Small Animals?

Yes, osprey does eat small animals. In fact, they are one of the few raptors that will actively hunt and kill small prey items.

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Osprey typically eats fish that are between 10 and 14 inches long, but they have been known to take smaller prey items as well.

While most of their diet is composed of fish, osprey will also consume rodents, reptiles, and even birds on occasion.

How Many Fish Does an Osprey Eat a Day?

An osprey typically eats 4-5 fish per day. However, if an osprey is feeding a nest of chicks, it may eat up to 8-10 fish per day.

Careful Osprey Parents Feed Chicks For The First Time

Does Osprey Eat Squirrels?

If you’re wondering whether osprey eats squirrels, the answer is yes! Osprey is an opportunistic predator and will hunt a variety of small mammals, including squirrels.

In fact, the osprey has been known to target red squirrels in particular. While it’s not the most common prey item for these raptors, they will take advantage of an easy meal if one presents itself.

So if you see an osprey hovering near a group of squirreling around, there’s a good chance that it’s looking for its next meal!


Osprey is fish-eating birds of prey with long, narrow wings and sharp talons. They dive into the water to catch their prey, which they then eat on the wing or in a tree.

Ospreys typically eat 1-2 pounds of fish per day, but they have been known to consume up to 4 pounds in a single day!

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