What Does a Baby Crow Look Like?

Crows are interesting creatures and their babies are no different. If you have ever seen a baby crow, you know that they are small versions of adults with some key differences. For one, baby crows don’t have the black feathers that adults do.

Instead, their feathers are a dark gray color. They also have yellow beaks and feet instead of the adult’s black beaks and feet. Baby crows are also much smaller than adults, only about half the size.

If you’re lucky enough to spot a baby crow, you’ll notice that they look quite different from their adult counterparts. For one, they are much smaller and don’t have the black plumage that crows are known for.

Instead, baby crows have brown or gray feathers and can often be seen begging for food from their parents. While they may not be as visually striking as adults, baby crows are still fascinating creatures to watch!

Crow parents feeding

How Can You Tell a Baby Crow?

Assuming you are asking how to tell if a baby crow is healthy, there are a few things you can look for.

First, make sure the crow has bright eyes and clean feathers. The feet should be pinkish-gray in color and free of any injuries or deformities.

Baby crows also have a white line running down the center of their beaks.

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How Long Do Baby Crows Stay With Parents?

According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, baby crows stay with their parents for up to four years. During that time, they learn how to find food, build nests, and raise their own young.

After they leave their parents, they typically form lifelong bonds with other crows and live in large groups called roosts.

What Time of Year Do Baby Crows Leave the Nest?

It’s time for the baby crows to leave the nest and start their new lives! This usually happens around late August or early September.

The young birds will have spent about 4-5 months in the nest, learning how to fly and hunt for food.

They will now be ready to venture out on their own and begin to form their own families. The parents will still keep an eye on their offspring during this time, helping them out if they get into trouble.

But it won’t be long before the youngsters are completely independent and ready to take on the world!

Baby crow is lying

Are Black Birds Baby Crows?

No, blackbirds are not baby crows. Baby crows are actually a very dark gray color.

The reason people sometimes think that blackbirds are baby crows is that they are often seen in the same area as crows.

Blackbirds are also about the same size as baby crows.

What Do Baby Crows Eat And Drink?

When it comes to baby crows, they will eat and drink just about anything. This includes insects, small rodents, berries, fruits, and even human food scraps.

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As for water, they will drink from any source including puddles, rainwater, and bird baths.

It’s important to note that baby crows are not able to hunt or forage on their own, so their diet is entirely dependent on their parents.


A baby crow looks a lot like an adult crow, just much smaller. They have the same black feathers and beaks, but their eyes are not yet fully developed.

When they first hatch, they are pinkish-gray in color and only have a few feathers. Over the next few weeks, they will grow more feathers and their eyes will start to turn black.

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