Is One Magpie Bad Luck?

One magpie is considered bad luck, but two magpies are considered good luck. The saying is “One for sorrow, two for joy.” This saying is based on an old English folktale.

In the tale, a farmer’s wife dies, and he is left with seven children to care for. The farmer makes a deal with the devil to get his wife back. The devil agrees to bring her back if the farmer will give him one of his children.

The farmer agrees, and his wife is returned to him. One child per year is taken by the devil until only one child remains.

One magpie is bad luck, but two magpies are good luck. This old saying is based on an ancient belief that these birds are omens of death.

In medieval times, people believed that seeing a single magpie meant that someone was going to die.

To ward off this bad luck, they would say “Good morning, Mr. Magpie” or make some other sign of respect to the bird.

Today, we know that this superstition is unfounded. Magpies are not actually omens of death.

However, the saying persists in many cultures around the world. Whether you believe it or not, it’s always best to be cautious when you see a magpie!

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Is a Single Magpie Bad Luck?

No, a single magpie is not bad luck. In fact, according to superstition, seeing a single magpie is actually good luck.

The bird is considered a bringer of joy and happiness, and it’s said that if you see one magpie, you will receive good news soon.

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Are Magpies a Bad Omen?

No, magpies are not a bad omen. In fact, they are considered to be good luck in many cultures.

In China, for example, the magpie is a symbol of happiness and good fortune.

Meaning of Magpies Visiting

When magpies visit your home, it is said to be a sign of good luck. Magpies are known for their thievery, so it is believed that when they visit your home they are looking for something to steal.

This is why it is considered good luck because they could have taken something but instead, they left empty-handed.


The post is about the superstition that seeing one magpie is bad luck. The author writes about how this belief came to be and how it has been passed down through generations. The author also debunks some myths surrounding this superstition.

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