Is a White Pigeon a Dove?

No, a white pigeon is not a dove. Doves and pigeons are different types of birds. Doves are smaller than pigeons and have shorter beaks.

Doves also coo, while pigeons make a louder noise.

There are many types of pigeons, and the white pigeon is just one variety. Pigeons are actually a subspecies of dove, so in a way, you could say that a white pigeon is a type of dove. However, there are some key differences between these two birds.

For starters, pigeons tend to be larger than doves. They also have different coloring on their wings and tails. Finally, pigeons coo instead of cooing like doves do.

two white pigeons

Is a White Pigeon A White Dove?

A white pigeon is not a white dove. While both are birds, they are different species. Doves belong to the family Columbidae, while pigeons belong to the family Psittacidae.

Doves are typically smaller than pigeons and have pointed tails. They are also usually more gentle and timid than pigeons.

Is There a Difference between Pigeons And Doves?

There is a difference between pigeons and doves, with the main distinction being that pigeons are considered wild birds while doves are seen as more domesticated.

Pigeons tend to be larger than doves and have sturdier builds, while doves are smaller and have sleeker, thinner bodies.

The two types of birds also have different diets, with pigeons eating mostly seeds and grains while doves consume more fruits and leafy greens.

Additionally, pigeons typically live in cities and other built-up areas while doves prefer open fields or forests.

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Why are White Pigeons Called Doves?

The word “dove” actually refers to a variety of different species of pigeons. The common name for these birds comes from the Old English word dūfe, which itself is derived from the Proto-Germanic *dūbōn.

The term was then used to describe any small bird that was seen as being peaceful or gentle.

There are many different types of doves, but the white pigeon is perhaps the most iconic. These birds are often considered to be a symbol of peace and love, and their pure white plumage is said to represent purity and innocence.

While there are many theories as to why white pigeons are called doves, the most likely explanation is simply that they were one of the first types of these birds to be given this name.

Over time, the use of “dove” has become synonymous with any type of pigeon, regardless of its coloration.

Are Doves White Pigeons Uk?

There are many types of pigeons in the world, and not all of them are white. In fact, there is no such thing as a “white pigeon” in the UK. The term “dove” is often used interchangeably with “pigeon,” but they are actually two different birds.

Doves are smaller than pigeons and have a more slender body. They also tend to be more gentle and timid than pigeons.

Is a Pigeon a Dove?

A pigeon is not a dove. Though both birds are members of the Columbidae family, doves, and pigeons are different species. Pigeons are larger than doves and have more prominent breast muscles.

These muscles give pigeons their characteristic humped back appearance. In addition, pigeons typically have bare patches on their faces, while doves do not.

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Doves also tend to coo instead of the loud screeching noise made by pigeons.


Yes, a white pigeon is technically a dove. The word “dove” actually refers to a variety of different species of bird, including pigeons. So, while all doves are pigeons, not all pigeons are doves.

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