Is a Buzzard a Vulture?

A buzzard is a large bird of prey with a hooked beak and powerful talons. The majority of buzzards are found in the Old World, but there are also several species in the New World. Most buzzards are scavengers, but some will hunt small animals or carrion.

No, a buzzard is not a vulture. Vultures are large birds of prey that scavenge dead animals, while buzzards are smaller birds of prey that hunt live animals.

What Kind of Vulture is a Buzzard?

A buzzard is a large, hawk-like bird with broad wings and a long tail. Often seen soaring in thermals on warm days, buzzards are actually members of the vulture family. There are four species of buzzard found in the world, all of which are found in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The most common buzzard is the Eurasian Buzzard (Buteo buteo). This species can be found throughout Europe and Asia, from Ireland to Japan. The Eurasian buzzard is a medium-sized bird of prey, with males reaching up to 55cm in length (22in) and females up to 65cm (26in).

The Eurasian buzzard has brown upper parts with whitish streaks and barred markings. The underparts are pale with dark streaks. Juveniles have darker plumage with more prominent streaks.

The second most common species is the Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis), which breeds across North America from Alaska down to Mexico. This buzzard is slightly larger than the Eurasian Buzzard, with males reaching up to 60cm (24in) in length and females up to 70cm (28in). The red-tailed hawk has light brown upper parts with dark streaking.

The underparts are white with rusty red bars. Juveniles have darker plumage with more prominent streaking. The third species is the Steppe Buzzard (Buteo vulpinus), which can be found across much of central Asia from Kazakhstan eastwards through Mongolia to China.

This buzzard is similar in size to the Eurasian Buzzard but has darker plumage overall. The back and wings are greyish brown, while the underparts are sandy yellow or buff-colored with dark streaks. Juveniles have even darker plumage with more prominent streaks.

The fourth and final species is the Long-legged Buzzard (Buteo Rufinus), which breeds across southern Europe and northern Africa from Spain eastwards through Turkey to Iran.

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Is a Turkey Buzzard a Vulture?

Yes, a turkey buzzard is a vulture. Vultures are scavengers that feed on the carcasses of dead animals. Turkey buzzards are one species of vulture found in North America.

What is the Difference between a Vulture And a Turkey Vulture?

When most people think of vultures, they picture the large turkey vulture with its red head. However, there are many different types of vultures found all over the world. So, what is the difference between a vulture and a turkey vulture?

For starters, turkey vultures are actually just one type of vulture in the Cathartidae family, which includes seven different species. Vultures in general are more closely related to storks than they are to other birds of prey, like eagles or hawks. All seven species of Cathartidae can be distinguished by their bare heads (most other birds have feathers on their heads) and long necks.

They also tend to have longer wings and shorter tails than other birds of prey. Turkey vultures get their name from their resemblance to wild turkeys, but they are not actually related. These birds are scavengers and primarily eat carrion (dead animals).

Their sharp sense of smell allows them to find food that other animals cannot see or reach. Turkey vultures will also occasionally eat eggs and live prey if they can catch it. These birds play an important role in nature by cleaning up carcasses that would otherwise spread disease.

Turkey vultures usually mate for life and nest in caves or trees near sources of food. Both parents help care for the young until they are old enough to fly and hunt on their own.

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How Many Types of Buzzards are There?

There are a few different types of buzzards that are found in various parts of the world. The most common buzzard is the Buteo jamaicensis, which is found in North and South America. This type of buzzard typically has brown feathers with some white markings on its belly and wings.

Another type of buzzard is the Buteo Rufinus, which is found in Europe and Asia. This type of buzzard usually has gray or reddish-brown feathers.

Buzzard vs. Vulture: What’s the Difference?

Are Buzzards Dangerous

No, buzzards are not dangerous. These large birds of prey are actually quite gentle and have little interaction with humans. However, they can be a nuisance if they congregate in large numbers near homes or businesses, as their scavenging habits can create an unpleasant odor.


Basically, a buzzard is not a vulture. Vultures are scavengers that feast on the carcasses of dead animals. Buzzards are a type of vulture that is found in Europe and Asia.


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