How to Tell the Age of a Magpie?

A magpie is a black and white bird that is found in many parts of the world. They are known for their loud calls and their scavenging habits. Magpies can live to be around 20 years old, but how can you tell the age of a magpie?

One way to tell the age of a magpie is by looking at the amount of black on its head. A young magpie will have mostly white feathers on its head, while an older magpie will have more black feathers.

The amount of black on a magpie’s head can also change depending on the time of year. In winter, when they are molting, they may have fewer black feathers.

  • Look at the magpie’s feathers: If they are bright and glossy, the magpie is probably young. If the feathers are dull and worn, the magpie is probably old.
  • Look at the magpie’s beak: If it is sharply pointed, the magpie is probably young or if it is blunt and curved, the magpie is probably old
  • Listen to the magpie’s call: If it is high-pitched and shrill, the magpie is probably young. If it is low-pitched and raspy, the magpie is probably old.

Australian magpie

How Do You Tell a Male And Female Magpie?

Male and female magpies can be distinguished by their physical appearance. The male has a black head, back, and tail with white underparts, while the female has a grey-brown head and body with white underparts.

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Both sexes have blue-grey wings, but the males’ wings are darker. Male magpies are also larger than females, with longer bills.

How Old is a Magpie?

Magpies are a species of bird that is found in many parts of the world. They are known for their black and white plumage, as well as their distinctive calls.

Magpies are believed to be amongst the most intelligent of birds, and they have been known to use tools, solve complex problems and even mimic human speech.

The average lifespan of a magpie is around 10-15 years, although some individuals have been known to live for much longer – up to 20 years or more in captivity.

In the wild, however, the average lifespan is probably closer to 10 years due to predation and other hazards. So, if you see a magpie out and about, chances are it’s at least 10 years old!

How Long Do Magpies Remember You For?

Magpies are considered to be one of the most intelligent birds in the world. They are known for their ability to remember human faces, and they have even been known to hold a grudge against people who have wronged them in the past.

So, how long do magpies remember you? Scientists believe that magpies can remember human faces for up to six years.

This is an impressive feat, considering that most humans can only remember around 10% of the faces they see on a daily basis.

Magpies have a keen memory, and they are able to recall both positive and negative experiences with certain people.

So, if you’ve ever had a run-in with a magpie, there’s a good chance that it remembers you!

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Can Magpies Remember You?

Yes, magpies can remember you. They are very intelligent birds and have been known to hold a grudge against someone who has done them wrong in the past.

If you make friends with a magpie, they will likely remember you for a long time to come.

Do Magpies Mate for Life?

There is a lot of debate on whether magpies mate for life. Some people claim to have seen magpies with the same mate for years, while others say that they have seen magpies with different mates from year to year. There is no clear scientific consensus on this topic.

However, there are some interesting theories about why magpies might mate for life. One theory is that it provides them with a stable social structure and increases their chances of survival.

Another theory is that it allows them to form strong bonds with their mates and raises their chicks successfully.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that magpies have a strong attachment to their mates. So if you’re lucky enough to spot a pair of magpies together, it’s safe to say they’re probably together for life!


If you find a magpie, there are several ways you can tell how old it is. The first way is to look at the bird’s eyes. If the magpie has brown eyes, it is an adult.

If the magpie has blue eyes, it is a juvenile. The second way to tell the age of a magpie is by looking at its beak. If the beak is black, the magpie is an adult. If the beak is brown, the magpie is a juvenile.

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