How to Tell How Old a Baby Blue Jay Is?

To determine the age of a baby blue jay, you will need to look at several physical characteristics. The first thing you should look at is the size of the bird. A young blue jay will be smaller than an adult bird.

The next thing you should look at is the color of the feathers. A baby blue jay will have lighter-colored feathers than an adult bird. You should also look at the bill.

A baby blue jay will have a shorter and thinner bill than an adult bird. Finally, you can tell the age of a baby blue jay by its behavior. A young bird will be more active and vocal than an older bird.

  • Look at the blue jay’s plumage. The baby blue jay will have brownish-gray feathers on its head, back, and wings.
  • Observe the blue jay’s tail. A baby blue jay will have a shorter tail than an adult.
  • Check the size of the blue jay. A baby blue jay is smaller than an adult bird.

How Long Do Blue Jay Fledglings Stay on the Ground?

Blue Jay fledglings typically stay on the ground for about 2-3 weeks before they are able to fly. During this time, they are dependent on their parents for food and shelter.

After they learn to fly, they will gradually become more independent and will eventually leave their parents’ nest.

Baby Blue jay

How Old is a Blue Jay Fledgling?

A blue jay fledgling is about 3 weeks old when it first hatches from its egg. It will stay with its parents for another 6-8 weeks before it starts to venture out on its own.

After that, it will still return to the nest periodically until it is fully grown and ready to start a family of its own.

What to Do If You Find a Baby Blue Jay on the Ground?

If you find a baby blue jay on the ground, the best thing to do is to leave it alone. Baby birds are not orphaned if they are on the ground; their parents are usually nearby and will continue to care for them.

If you try to take in and raise the bird yourself, you will likely do more harm than good. The bird will not be able to learn how to fend for itself and will not have the same immunity to diseases that wild birds have.

If you are concerned about the bird’s welfare, you can keep an eye on it from a distance to make sure that its parents return. If the bird appears injured or sick, however, then you should contact a wildlife rehabilitation center for help.

How Long Does It Take a Baby Blue Jay to Fly?

A baby blue jay will take about 6-8 weeks to learn how to fly. The young bird will first start by flapping its wings and hopping around on the ground.

As it gets stronger, it will start to spend more time in the air, eventually becoming proficient at flying.

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What Do Baby Blue Jays Eat?

Baby blue jays are born without feathers and are totally dependent on their parents for food. They are fed a diet of soft insects like caterpillars, beetles, and grubs.

This food is easy for them to digest and provides the nutrients they need to grow. As they get older, they start to eat more solid foods like berries, acorns, and seeds.


If you find a baby blue jay, it can be difficult to determine how old it is. However, there are a few ways you can tell. First, look at the jay’s feathers.

If they are all brown and uniform in color, the bird is probably around 4-5 weeks old. If the feathers are more mottled and have some blue in them, the bird is likely 2-3 weeks old. Second, take a look at jay’s eyes.

If they are bright blue, the bird is probably less than 2 weeks old. If they are more of a grayish color, the bird is likely 4-5 weeks old. Finally, consider the size of the jay.

A baby that is 4-5 weeks old will be about half the size of an adult bird.

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