How to Stop a Bully Hummingbird?

Bully hummingbirds are a problem for many bird enthusiasts. These small, aggressive birds can quickly take over a backyard feeder and drive away other birds. While they may be fun to watch as they zip around, their bullying behavior can cause problems for other birds in the area.

If you’re having trouble with a bully hummingbird, there are a few things you can do to stop its aggression:

  • Determine whether the hummingbird is actually a bully, or if it is just defending its territory
  • If the hummingbird is aggressively attacking other birds or animals, it may be a bully
  • Try to scare the hummingbird away by making loud noises or waving your arms
  • This may startle the bird and make it fly away
  • If the hummingbird does not respond to scaring tactics, try spraying it with water from a hose or squirt gun
  • This will usually cause the bird to fly away in search of drier territory
  • If all else fails, contact a professional wildlife removal service to have the bird safely captured and relocated

Rubyred Humming bird perched

How Do You Get Rid of Hummingbird Bullies?

Hummingbird bullying is a real problem that can be solved with a few simple steps. First, you need to identify the hummingbird bullies in your yard. They are usually the ones that chase other birds away or steal their food.

Once you have identified them, you need to take action to stop their bullying behavior.

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One way to do this is to remove any potential food sources that they are using to bully other birds. This may mean removing feeders or flowers from your yard.

Another way to stop hummingbird bullying is to scare them away with loud noises or bright lights.

Finally, you can also try using commercial bird repellents to keep them away from your property altogether.

How Do You Stop a Dominant Hummingbird?

If you have a hummingbird that is being too dominant, there are a few things you can do to stop it.

First, try moving the feeder to a different location. This will oftentimes cause the dominant hummingbird to lose its territorial claim over the feeder and will back down.

If that doesn’t work, you can also try covering part of the feeder with something like a piece of cloth or paper so that the dominant hummingbird can’t see inside and knows that there is food available.

Finally, if all else fails, you may need to just put up another feeder in a different location altogether so that the dominant hummingbird has less control over all of the food sources.

Rare Leucistic Anna's Hummingbird

Why Do Hummingbirds Bully?

Hummingbirds are small, but they can be fierce when it comes to protecting their territories. Male hummingbirds are especially aggressive towards other males that enter their territory. They will chase the intruder away and even attack it if necessary.

There are a few reasons why male hummingbirds bully other males. One reason is that they want to protect their mates. The female hummingbird will build a nest and lay eggs in her mate’s territory.

If another male were to come along and claim the territory as his own, the original male would no longer be able to provide for his family. He would also be at risk of losing his mate to the intruder. Another reason for the aggression is competition for food sources.

Hummingbirds feed on nectar from flowers. If there is only one patch of flowers in a particular area, the birds that live there will have to compete for access to the nectar.

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The more dominant bird may chase away or even attack weaker birds in order to keep them from getting to the food source first.

Lastly, some experts believe that aggression may simply be part of a hummingbird’s nature. These tiny birds have very high metabolisms and need to eat often throughout the day in order to survive. They may become aggressive when they feel like their food supply is threatened in any way.

Do Hummingbirds Hurt Each Other When They Fight?

No, hummingbirds do not hurt each other when they fight. These tiny birds are incredibly agile and can avoid getting hurt during aerial battles.

However, sometimes fights can get intense and result in a few feathers being pulled out.

Bully Hummingbirds! How to Reduce Aggression and Aggressive Males:


If you’re being bullied by a hummingbird, there are some things you can do to stop it. First, try to avoid being in the same area as the hummingbird.

If you can’t avoid being near the hummingbird, try to keep yourself calm and avoid making any sudden movements. If the hummingbird does approach you, try to remain still and wait for it to fly away.

If the hummingbird doesn’t fly away, you can gently move away from it or use an object to block its view of you.


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