Do Budgies Like Being Sprayed With Water?

No one likes to be sprayed with water, not even budgies. However, many budgie owners find that their pet enjoys a good misting now and then. While it may not be the bird’s favorite activity, a bit of water can actually be quite refreshing for a budgie.

Just remember to use lukewarm water and avoid spraying the bird’s face.

No, budgies do not like being sprayed with water. In fact, they much prefer to bathe in a dish of water. However, if you must spray your budgie with water, do so sparingly and avoid getting their face wet.

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Should I Spray My Bird With Water?

The short answer is no, you should not spray your bird with water. There are a few reasons for this. First, birds are naturally very clean animals and they do a good job of keeping themselves clean.

Second, water can actually cause more harm than good when it comes to cleaning your bird. Water can irritate your bird’s skin and cause feather damage. It can also lead to bacterial growth if not dried properly.

How Do You Mist Budgies?

To mist your budgie, you will need a spray bottle filled with clean water. You can either use distilled water or filtered water. Avoid using hard tap water, as it can contain chemicals that are harmful to your budgie.

mist your budgie lightly, making sure not to soak them. If you do accidentally soak them, be sure to towel dry them immediately. Budgies enjoy being misted and it is a great way to keep their feathers healthy and hydrated.

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How Often Should You Mist Your Budgie?

In order to keep your budgie healthy and happy, it is important to mist them daily. Misting not only provides moisture that is essential for your budgie’s health, but also helps to keep their feathers clean and free of dust.

While you can use a spray bottle to mist your budgie, many owners prefer to use a mister specifically designed for birds.

These misters often have a fine mist setting that makes it easy to evenly coat your budgie’s feathers without getting them wet.

Do Budgies Like Being Blown On?

Most budgies enjoy being blown on, especially if it’s done gently. It feels good to them and can help relax them. Budgies also like the feeling of air on their face, so blowing on them can be a way to show your affection.

Just make sure you don’t blow too hard, as that can startle them or even hurt their delicate lungs.

How to Give Your Budgie a Bath?

Do Budgies Like to Be Held?

While budgies are not known for being particularly cuddly, some may enjoy being held on the occasion. It really depends on the individual bird’s personality.

Some budgies may view being held as a sign of affection and enjoy physical contact, while others may prefer to stick to perching on their owner’s shoulder or finger.

If you do decide to hold your budgie, be sure to support its entire body and keep a firm grip, so it doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall. Budgies have delicate bones and can easily be injured if they are dropped.

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It’s also important to avoid holding your budgie too tightly, as this can cause it distress.

If you’re not sure whether your budgie enjoys being held, just observe its body language. If it seems relaxed and comfortable in your hand, then it probably does enjoy the experience.

However, if it starts squirming or flapping its wings frantically, then it’s time to put it back in its cage where it feels more secure.


Many bird owners enjoy spraying their feathered friends with water, but they often wonder if the birds actually like it. While some budgies may enjoy the sensation of water on their feathers, others may not be so fond of it.

It really depends on the individual bird. If your budgie seems to dislike being sprayed with water, you can try misting him with a spray bottle instead.

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