Can You Tame a Crow? How?

A crow is not the easiest animal to tame. They are naturally wild and tend to stay away from humans. However, with patience and a little bit of know-how, you can successfully tame a crow.

Here are a few tips on how to do so: First, it’s important to build up trust with the crow. This can be done by offering it food or water on a regular basis.

Once the crow starts to accept you as part of its flock, you’ll be able to start working on taming it. The next step is to get the crow used to be handled. Slowly and gently petting the bird will help it get used to your touch.

Once the crow is comfortable being touched, you can start working on training it. Crows are intelligent birds and can be trained to do tricks or even simple commands such as “come” or “go.”

With time, patience, and positive reinforcement, you can teach your crow tricks just like you would any other pet.

  • First, you need to build a rapport with the crow
  • Spend time around it and get it used to your presence
  • Once the crow is comfortable with you, start offering it small pieces of food from your hand
  • Gradually increase the amount of food you offer, until the crow is taking regular meals from your hand
  • Finally, begin working on training tricks with the crow
  • Start with simple commands like “step up” or “give me a kiss”

Crow in hand

How Do You Befriend a Crow?

Crows are interesting creatures and can actually make good pets if you know how to befriend one. Here are a few tips on how to do just that:

  1. Start by feeding the crow. Crows are intelligent birds and will quickly learn that you are the source of food if you consistently feed them. Offer them their favorite foods, such as nuts, fruits, or meat.
  2. Once the crow starts to trust you, try offering it some toys or other objects to play with. Crows are very curious birds and love to explore everything around them.
  3. Spend time talking to the crow and getting to know it better. Like all animals, crows respond best to people who take the time to get to know them individually.
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How Do You Tame a Raven Or a Crow?

There are a few ways that you can tame a raven or crow. The first way is to catch the bird and put it in a cage. This will make it easier to train the bird.

The second way is to find a wild Raven or Crow and observe it. After you have observed the bird for a while, you can start to feed it. Once the bird starts to trust you, you can begin to train it.

How Do You Befriend a Crow And Turn Them against Your Enemy?

Crows are incredibly intelligent birds, and they can be trained to do all sorts of tricks. You can even befriend one and turn them against your enemy! Here’s how:

  • First, you’ll need to build a rapport with the crow. Get some bird seed and start feeding it to the crow every day. Don’t try to approach or capture it – just let it get used to your presence. 
  • Once the crow trusts you, you can begin training it. Start with simple commands like “come” or “stay”. With patience and persistence, you’ll be able to teach the crow more complex tricks.
  • Finally, put your plan into action! When you see your enemy, call on the crow and give it a command to attack (like “peck” or “scratch”). The crow will gladly comply, giving your enemy a good scare – or worse!

How Do Crows Show Affection to Humans?

Crows are interesting creatures and are known to form bonds with humans. In the wild, they mate for life and work together to raise their young. They are also known to grieve when a member of their family dies.

All of these behaviors show that crows have emotions and can feel affection for others. When crows form a bond with a human, they often bring gifts. These gifts can be anything from berries to shiny objects.

The crow will place the gift at the feet of the person they are bonded with as a way of showing their affection. Crows have also been known to help humans in times of need.

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One example is when a group of crows helped a man who was lost in the woods by leading him back to civilization.

It’s clear that crows can form strong emotional bonds with humans. If you’re lucky enough to have a crow as a friend, consider yourself fortunate!


Crows are known for being intelligent and resourceful birds, but they also have a reputation for being pests.

Some people view them as nuisances that steal food and make a mess, while others see them as clever creatures that are fun to watch. So, can you tame a crow?

Yes, it is possible to tame a crow, though it takes time and patience. Crows can be trained to do tricks and even recognize words and phrases. The key is to start young – crows raised from chicks are more likely to be tame than those that are adults.

If you’re interested in taming a crow, the first step is to catch one. Once you have your crow, it’s important to build trust by providing food and water on a regular basis. You can also try offering treats like berries or bits of meat.

Once the crow trusts you, you can begin training it to do simple tricks like stepping up onto your hand or following commands. With time and patience, you can turn a wild crow into a friendly pet.

Just remember that crows are still wild animals, so there is always the potential for them to bite or scratch if they feel threatened.

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