Can a Chicken And a Duck Mate?

Can a chicken and duck mate? The answer is yes, but it’s not common and usually doesn’t result in offspring. Chickens and ducks are different species, so their genetic material is not compatible.

Even if they are able to produce offspring, the offspring are often sterile. In some cases, chickens and ducks can successfully mate and have healthy babies, but this is rare.

If you’re thinking about trying to mate a chicken and duck, be prepared for disappointment.

You might be surprised to learn that chickens and ducks can mate and produce offspring, although this is not a common practice.

The resulting offspring are called “hybrid” or “mule” birds, and they are usually sterile (unable to reproduce).

While some people choose to mate chickens and ducks for the novelty of it, there are actually some practical benefits to doing so.

For example, mule birds tend to be larger and hardier than either parent species, making them better suited for meat production.

Additionally, mules typically have more feathers than either ducks or chickens, providing better insulation against cold weather.

female Muscovy Duck and plymouth rock chicken

Is There a chicken, Duck Hybrid?

No, there is not a chicken-duck hybrid. Though some ducks and chickens can interbreed, the resulting offspring are usually sterile.

Even if they are fertile, the hybrids would likely have poor viability and be unable to reproduce.

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Can a Male Duck Impregnate a Chicken?

No, a male duck cannot impregnate a chicken. While ducks and chickens are both birds, they are different species and cannot interbreed.

Interbreeding between different species is often not possible because the animals have incompatible reproductive systems. Even if two animals can physically mate, their offspring will usually be sterile.

Can a Chicken Mate With a Turkey?

No, a chicken cannot mate with a turkey. Chickens and turkeys are two different species of bird and they are not able to reproduce together.

Can a Duck Be With a Chicken?

Yes, a duck can be with a chicken. In fact, ducks, and chickens often live together in harmony. Ducks are social creatures and enjoy the company of other animals, including chickens.

While ducks and chickens do not share the same exact dietary needs, they can often times eat the same food.

This makes it easy to keep both ducks and chickens together in one coop or enclosure.

Close Ducks mating Chicken || Amazing Duck mating chicken many times

Can a Rooster Fertilize a Duck Egg?

A rooster can fertilize a duck egg, but it is not common for this to happen. Ducks and chickens are different species, so their eggs have different shapes.

This makes it difficult for a rooster to successfully fertilize a duck egg. Additionally, ducks typically do not mate with roosters because they prefer to mate with other ducks.

If a rooster did manage to fertilize a duck egg, the resulting offspring would likely be sterile.


A chicken and a duck can mate, but their offspring will not be fertile. Chickens and ducks are different species, so their offspring are called hybrids.

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Hybrids are usually sterile because they have chromosomes from both parents that don’t pair up correctly.

However, there have been a few reports of hybrid chickens and ducks that were fertile.

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